You can now download this entire website as one single web archive file. But do to upload restrictions, I had to split the file into 2 parts. After downloading, unzip part 1 and the 2nd part will unzip at the same time and a single file will be created with the extention "MHT".  It can be opened and viewed with Windows Internet Explorer. All images are included in the file. Later I will make the file into a PDF booklet.

The 2 files are in RAR format. If you do not have a program that can unzip this format, then click here to download WinRar. After installing, run the Crack.exe program and make sure the dirrectory shown matches the dirrectory you installed WinRar in, then click "Crack" and it will crack the program so you don't have to register.

To download, right click on link and select "Save Target As" from the pop-up menu.

date created: January 7, 2008

Part 1
Part 2


"Because the very elixir that pours a more glorious life into the frame, so sharpens the senses that those larvae of the air become to thee audible and apparent"
Edward Bulwer (Lord Lytton) a high grade initiate of the Hermetic Lodge at Alexandria
"...and I behold the glory of our future life with my eyes and rejoice over it."
The Cosmopolite, Alexander Setonious Scotus

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