The sub-menu to the left shows the various techniques developed by the old alchemists for making calxes of metals.

Today calxes of gold are sold as "monatomic gold" because David Hudson created an elaborate hoax to convince people they were a special form of matter, and could superconduct at room temperature, and even levitate and disappear from this dimension. If you believe that, I doubt there is much you don't believe. lol

But don't feel stupid; even I was convinced David Hudson was telling the truth, especially after seeing Laurence Gardner's lectures and reading his lengthy books. But in the end it turned out that monatomic gold is pure nonsense, existing only in the mind of a once millionaire dirt farmer from Arizona who was desperately seeking a way to make back his fortune. Then his dad or brother game him a book from the "Time Magazine" series of mysterious and strange phenomenon books, and it explained what alchemy was.

Funny thing is that it had information about using morning dew to make the correct Philosopher's Stone from gold, with photos of Armand Babaults work, and Frater Albertus. It even had all the plates of the "Mutus Liber" book with explanations under each one about how to perform the work with dew.

But dumb old David Hudson was too blind to see what was right in front of his face, and he was unaware of the Rosicrucian Order and what the name "Rosi-crucis" actually means.

So he made up a nice elaborate story about discovering a strange form of matter in his feild. He got the world to believe the Philosopher's Stone was just laying around in feilds of dirt, and anyone could find it in nature. A real alchemists knows better than to believe such dribble, but the easy to fool public that was desperately seeking a scientific answer to how the Philosopher's Stone could be a reality ate up every word Hudson spewed out of his deceitful, evil little mouth.

Buy any powder from the internet that claims to be 100% pure white powder gold, and have it assayed by a technique that is more advanced than simple spectrometry or X-ray Fluorescence. Those method are not always able to determine what elements are present in a sample if its something that was produced in a lab and involves comlpex molecular structure or bizzare compounds like sodium-gold (metal & alkaline) compounds.  But have the powder tested by Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA), and you will see that your "monatomic gold" is nothing but normal everyday gold, with some sodium, and whatever else the seller cut it with (usually calcium).

I will eventually have the test results of EVERY powder being sold on the web right now, and every new powder someone tries to sell, all posted on my website
These assholes are going down!

I knew David Hudson was a bad man when I saw his first lecture on tape, and the first thing he did when he approached the microphone was complain about the way the lady introduced him to the crowd. Then his entire way of talking was serious and unhappy. Not the kind of guy who seemed at all enlightened by the Philosopher's Stone.

The real Stone makes you very happy to be alive, and enables you to see the awesome beauty in the world. As you grew up, and became more "mature", you also became a boring person, and your ability to see the beauty in the world gradually turned to gray, like a color TV becoming black&white.

The true Stone brings back the vitality and enthusiam you once possesed for life. But don't take my word for it, try it yourself.


"Because the very elixir that pours a more glorious life into the frame, so sharpens the senses that those larvae of the air become to thee audible and apparent"
Edward Bulwer (Lord Lytton) a high grade initiate of the Hermetic Lodge at Alexandria
"...and I behold the glory of our future life with my eyes and rejoice over it."
The Cosmopolite, Alexander Setonious Scotus

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