Nicholas D. Collette

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"Deep in the heart of the World's mysteries I traveled, seeking and
searching for that which is hidden and kept secret, until finally to my great reward I found a light that will never leave me."
-original quote

At 2 years old, I awoke in the middle of the night, but my dream continued. On the wall, I could still see it like a movie, and I could hear everything that was happening. This would actually be fairly entertaining for an adult, but my young undeveloped mind just couldn't handle it. This was my first introduction to the strange and unusual.

Several other times when I was only 2, I would look at the wall, and the wood grain would surround me until I was in another world. Sometimes my vision would turn into a tunnel myopia effect. Everything would shrink down like I was looking through binoculars the wrong way.

Being young was an intense and constant psychedelic experience for me. Nightmares haunted me every night. They were a very strange kind, made of pure emotion and strange mixes of colors. I was very much an empath during the night. I could always feel what others were feeling, and that contributed to my nightmares. It was a most horrible feeling; very different from watching a scary movie. I was always being chased by some military officer. He never had a whole army with him. It was only him, terrorizing my mind as if he had drugged me with something and then put me under interrogation. But this dream scream started from my earliest memories at an age of less that 2 years old. I had no understanding at that age of what the military was, much less what a military Officer was. Later when I learned about the Army, it was all very familiar to me.

Eventually the military man was killed in my dreams, and he never returned. Extraterrestrial Elves were the ones who 'saved' me from the Officer, and they gradually tried their best to make me believe they were real and not just dream characters. After teaching me how to control my dreams, and Lucid Dream, they disappeared and never returned. Or perhaps they decided to appear as people in the dreams instead of Aliens. I always thought it was strange that I dreamt of aliens because as a little boy, I never had much interest in them. I always liked cartoons, because I was an artist.

As you will see later, learning to Lucid Dream was an important skill that was actually the "Genie of the Lamp" in hiding -- a gateway to extreme power. But as a little boy, I only used the ability to adventure through my mind. Most people who are into lucid dreaming never come to realize that they are in the deepest state of mind they can be in. Hypnosis is essential a guided lucid dream, and the best hypnosis works when you are actually seeing and experiencing everything the instructor is telling you; hence the lucid dream.

At age 4, I had my first girl friend, which I got after wishing strongly for her to like me. That was my first kiss. Maybe it was just a coincidence that she liked me when I wished for it, but I have yet to see a 4 year old girl who didn't think boys had 'kudies'. At age 5, I had my next girlfriend. She would kiss my best friend if I didn't pay attention to her. I thought that was pretty strange, so when I got home, I made a wish into my Santa Claus hat so she wouldn't do that anymore. The hat was something I viewed as powerful because of the Alien Elves from my dreams. And for some reason the wishes only came true if I hid the hat where nobody else could find it. The whole experiment had to be a secret. Maybe this gave it a special place in my mind.

As I grew up, I used my powers for little things, and I never assumed that I could do the impossible. To me, psychic power was just something the brain could do, and I obviously had plenty of proof. So I researched the occult and psychic power from very early on in life. I tried every technique from every book, and at the very least it changed the way my mind worked. At the very best it structured my future to unfold in the way it has so some of my dreams could indeed become a reality

At the very best, it structured my future to unfold in the way it has, so some of my dreams could indeed become a reality. Who knows which techniques worked, and which didn't -- I never could tell because I used them all at the same time. When a desire or thought manifested out of nowhere, I had no clue as how to make it happen again because I had tried dozens of things to make it happen.

I think one of the main things that started the ball rolling was a Witch Craft (or maybe I should say 'Wish Craft') ritual that my friend and I did one night. He was always into witchcraft, but I was only interested in psychic power because I thought it was more practical. Latter I learned about the technological methods and techniques used in NLP, and I realized why rituals were important. So I decided to go ahead and give the withcraft ritual a try; I thought "why not?".

It was 12 midnight, and the pentagram was drawn out on the floor using white masking tape. 5 candles flickered, one on each corner of the star. We read the invocations from the book, staring at the top corner, and working around clockwise. Then we just sat with closed eyes and waited. I fell into a deep dream like state of mind, which was a little surprising. In the midst of my trance, suddenly the silence and blackness was broken as a crystal clear image appeared. It looked like an old man, and his eyes moved from side to side as if he was searching for something. It happened so fast that I couldn't even react with my voice and scream. My mind was in deep shock, and I opened my eyes, but couldn't say anything for about a minute. My friend looked at me and got very scared that something had gone terribly wrong. I couldn't respond to him. All I could do is wait to regain control of myself. My pupils were so big that you couldn't see any color in my iris. Only wide black eyes staring straight ahead.

After I finally was able to speak again, I told my friend what happened. Then we calmed down again, and kept waiting patiently for something else to happen. This time I kept my eyes open, because I had no interest in getting the life scared out me again. On the other side of the room, I could see dark shadows shaped like people moving in and out of the darkened parts of the room. The candles only illuminated the circle, and the rest of the room was fairly black. I watched in amazement as these figures moved around the room, seemingly observing us in the circle, but never coming inside the boundary of the pentagram. If I remember correctly, when I told my friend about these dark shadowy figures, he said they were elementals or possibly even ghosts that lived on the land from far back in the past. Later, I would learn just what elementals are, and how much I had to do with them (or vise-versa).

Later on that night, I tried some telepathy with my friend. My technique was simple - I just screamed as loud as I could in my head until he finally heard me. But he didn't know about my little experiment, and as soon as he heard a voice in his head, it scared him to death! He jumped up and yelled, but when I asked him what was wrong, he just said "Nothing. Forget about it. I don't want to talk about it." Then when I finally got him to talk he said "All at once I heard people screaming my name and it was as clear as a radio broadcast!"

Chinese hand forms

After reading through one psychic info book after another, I finally came across a book that described a Chinese form of hypnotic hand positions (Kuju Kiri) used to redirect the electrical energy in the body. Just like rewiring a circuit board. One of the hand positions involves pinching the pointer finger of the left hand beside the finger nail. This pinches off the main electrical nerve channel that comes down from the brain to the finger, then to the rest of the body. Just like how the heart pumps blood down a major artery in the left arm, then it goes to the rest of the body. The hand form is number 7 in the series, and it's designed to control time-space, and freeze anyone in a 9 foot radius around you. Interestingly, the realist alien abduction video I've ever seen had a little gray alien in it, and he came walking in the door using the same hand position to freeze the camera man.

But back to my experience. The book said that when you master the hand form to control time-space, the power will appear as a bolt of lightning. This makes sense when you consider the fact that you're stopping the flow of electricity into the body and it's building up in the pituitary gland (the master gland of the central nervous system). I did this hand form while relaxing as much as I could. After about 30 minutes, a giant electrical shock was released into my body, and it was enough to give a painful sting. Much more than getting shocked by a 120 volt house current. It only lasted a second, and it made a bright light, just like lightning. The image I was focusing on in my mind also became crystal clear, and this startled me quite a bit.

A few days latter, a white sphere of light appeared beside me for a few seconds and then disappeared. It was very large, about 3 feet. This was no hallucination.

I also used the handform for harmonizing your body with the energy of everything around you. This makes you invisible to anyone who is looking in your direction. I managed to scare people a few times when they didn't see me
in the room, then I just appeared out of nowhere! One time I even walked right up to a friend and then released the handform to become visible again, and I scared the the hell out of her! The book also had exercises designed to regulate the energies of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the Void. Once you've mastered the energy of the Void, you can cause change in the universe by just a wave of your vibrating palm. One night I felt my palm start to buzz and vibrate, and at the same time I was thinking about the various people I knew, and how all of them were party people except one. I said out loud "Why won't he just have fun and party hard?". At the same time, I had my arm out-stretched and I could see an image in my mind of the energy from my hand opening a gateway between the place where my friend was and where I was. It really felt like he heard me. But I just forgot about it and dismissed it. The next day my friend said, "Hey man, did you try and contact me telepathically last night"? He told me he was drifting off to sleep when he heard someone in his room say "Why won't he just have fun and party hard?". At the time, he was staying at his brothers house so he thought his brother had came in the room for some reason. He turned on the lights, but nobody was there! He said he heard my voice as clear as if the sound was coming from outside his head and was across the room.

Years later when I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone, she hung up on me after I got angry with her for being so mean and heartless. I hung up the phone, and a few minutes later I said "YOU BITCH!". My hand was vibrating again, and I really felt like she heard me, and I had scared her. The next day, she said in a soft frightened voice "Why did you call me a bitch last night?". I told her I didn't know what she was talking about, and I never called her a bitch. She said "You didn't while we were talking on the phone, but after you hung up I heard you."

Dream Control

After these experiences, I became interested in finding out if I could make people see things, instead of just hear things. So one night, I started by hand vibrating and I imagined that one my friends could see me standing at the foot of their bed. Sure enough, the next day she said "I saw you last night at the end of my bed. I woke up for no reason, and you were standing there! I told you to leave, and you walked out the door!" The reason I made the image walk out the door instead of just disappear was so that she would just think it was actually me, and not a ghost of me.

Another one of my friends didn't believe in God, so I figured I would see how far I could take this ability, and make him see God. So one night when I knew it was late enough for him to be asleep, I got the vibration in my palm
going again, then I visualized God coming down and entering his dream. The next day, he swore he saw God last night in his dream as a bright light shinning down on him, and he was convinced it was more than a dream. He now believed completely in God! I don't know whether I made him see a God that I made up, or if I managed to forge a connection between his mind and God. After all, the only thing I visualized was God coming down and entering his
dream. It wasn't very specific.

Sexual Telepathy

After a long night of drinking with a friend, a strange telepathic event happened. Deep in the back of my mind I could hear a lady calling my friends name. She sounded angry like she was yelling at him. Then my friend said, "Man when I get too messed up and drunk, sometimes I hear my mom yelling at me. She always yelled at me every day when I was little, and right now I can hear her crystal clear." This form of telepathy is strange indeed because you can hear the other person's thoughts like a radio in your head!

The same friend had a girlfriend that I introduced him too. I always felt like it was a mistake because he treated her so badly, and I know I could have been a much better boyfriend for her. I talked with her and helped her with her problems much more than he did. We had a close connection. She and my friend were at my house one day, and my friend left the room. The girl was sitting on a stool that had a fan leaning on it, making it vibrate. Suddenly I could hear her in my mind, saying "Yes, yes, yes, Nick, it feels so good." Then I felt her have an orgasm, and at the same time she closed her eyes and sat back. I thought this might just be all in my head, so I forgot about it. The next day my friend told me about his girlfriend having an orgasm from the vibration when she was sitting on the stool. This surprised me, because even though I had experience in telepathy, I was unaware of the fact that you can feel another person's orgasm. I bet a priest would say this type of psychic ability is satanic because of the sexual nature.

Latter, I had an even more intense sexual psychic experience. I was attempting to leave my body one night, and I could hear the beautiful voice of a female. Then I began to see flashes of her in my mind. She was masterbating, and though I liked the image, I was curious as to whether or not it was just my imagination, or a vision of a real girl. She assured me that she was indeed real, and I was about to feel how powerful she was. The loud O.B.E. vibration began to thunder through my mind and body, and I knew I was leaving and going to this girl. As soon as I was out, I could see the girl and she looked right at me then closed her eyes and began to scream as the orgasm began.
I could feel it too, and it was so strong and so pleasurable that it actually began to hurt and become strangely painful. She was screaming like bloody murder, and the orgasm seemed to have no end. It just went on and on, and I longed for a peek and ultimate climax to the orgasm, but the entire thing was a climax. If I tried to increase the energy of pleasure any higher, it began to turn to pain again. I eventually had to return to my body because I couldn't handle it any longer. She then stopped screaming, and let out a sigh of relief and satisfaction, then said "Thank you Nicholas. I love you." Was this a person? Was it just my imagination or a character I created on the astral plane? Or was it something negative, like a succubus? The next day I did feel extremely drained of energy, like I was on the verge of death. Yet the day before I was perfectly healthy and it was mid-summer so I couldn't have suddenly caught a flu bug.


Another strange ability I've tapped it telekinesis. Back when I was in high school, I had a class that was a study hall. One day for some reason we had to have the class in the lunch room. I had my head down on the table, and I was thinking about how the universe was made out of positive charge and negative charge. My mind dwelled on this idea while I visualized the Ying-Yang symbol under deep hypnosis. I was attempting to gain power -- any power that could affect the world around me instantly. When the bell rang for class to end, I looked up at the clock, and it was spinning out of control. When I walked down the hall, the clocks were fine until I came near them. As I approached them, they would start to spin very fast. I did this to every clock, one by one, until I got to my next class. I took the long way so I could mess with as many clocks as possible. There must have been at least 8 of them. And when I got to my next class, the teacher was standing in the hall talking to another teacher saying "In all the 10 years I've worked here, I've never seen the clocks do that!" I'm convinced there is a certain type of energy that causes this because this same effect can be replicated using an electronic device called the HDR. You can read about it at and It causes some watches and clocks to spin very fast forward or backward depending on how you "tune" it. The circuit design of this device seems ridiculous and it seems to do nothing, but the way it affects clocks has me convinced it's the same energy I tapped that day school. I've made a diagram of the circuit so you can build your own; I even included photos and part numbers for Radio Shack. Download it by clicking here.


Many other strange little events happened to me throughout all these years. Coincidences were so abundant it was surreal. Many times, I came within inches of getting hit by a car. And at least 5 times I've come close to loosing my eyesight one way or another. But I was always unbelievably lucky. And even when I was just looking for information or trying to change the direction my life was going, events would just fall into place (except money of course). Even when I would be thinking in words, sometimes I would hear someone near by say the same words after me thinking them! For instance, if I thought of the word "enigmatic" someone would say that word! This happened all time, even with the radio and T.V.

My friend had a radio in his car that would always mess up, and he would hit it really hard to make the station come back. While sitting in the car waiting for him to buy a few things at a gas station, the radio suddenly switched stations to the Christian channel and the priest said "God is always trying to reach you!" Then the station switched back to the music I was listening to.

Once, while thinking intensely about death, a hurse drove by. And if I thought about marriage, I would see an advertisement with a couple getting married. A few times I would be thinking about what it's like to be rich and of course, a limo comes driving by. A good book about coincidences and there importance is "The CELESTINE PROPHECY" by James Redfield. Here is the summory on the back cover of the book -

THE CELESTINE PROPHECY contains secrets that are currently changing our world. Drawing on ancient wisdom, it tells you how to make connections among the events happening in your own life right now... and lets you see what is going to happen to you in the years to come! A book that has been passed from hand to hand, from friend to friend, since it first appeared in small bookshops across America, THE CELESTINE PROPHECY is a work that has come to light at a time when the world deeply needs to read its words. The story it tells is a gripping one of adventure and discovery, but it is also a guidebook that has the power to crystallize your perceptions of why you are where you are in life... and to direct your steps with a new energy and optimism as you head into tomorrow.


There was no Merlin of Camelot and King Arthur, but there was a man by the name of Abra-Melin born in 1281 who lived in Eygpt by the Nile river. He wasn't born there; he moved there to learn about magic. The name Melin eventually had an R added to became MeRlin as stories were told about him because of the accent they have.

One night I was up late listening to some music. I heard a voice calling me, and I could see a vision of a pentagram with people standing around it. I thought it was a day-dream so I tried to ignore it. But the vision persisted despite my best attempts to clear it out of my mind.

The people were summoning Merlin, and calling his name. I decided to play along with the day-dream so maybe it would go away I told the people that I was NOT Merlin but they couldn't hear me Then a female spirit appeared in my mind and told away. I told the people that I was NOT Merlin, but they couldn't hear me. Then a female spirit appeared in my mind and told me that I was indeed Merlin. I argued with her for a few minutes because I was amazed that my "imagination" was having a conversation with me.

Finally I considered that maybe this was no day-dream; maybe it was real. And maybe I should try and make something happen for these people who have summoned me. I didn't want them to never know that their summoning ritual had actually worked. So I tried to make them see the pentagram moving like ripples in water, just like in the movie "The Craft".

Everyone was amazed, and one girl ran to get a camera. This worried me a little because I was only making them see the event in their mind, and it was not a physical thing that could be captured on film. So I tried to make the film in the camera see the same thing, like making a 'thoughtograph'.

After that, the day-dream faded away into black, and I went to sleep. The next day my friend came over and told me about how he was at a gathering last night and he wanted me to come to the next one tonight. I was hesitant at first, since I had very little interest in witchcraft. But I was always researching psychic techniques, so I thought I would give this one a try. I also had cast several spells myself, and I knew they can work if you believe in them and forget about them. {One good love spell was this one I used back in school -- you wright the name of RUHIEL on your palms in celestial script, then ask for his assitance telepathically. But for the spell to work well, you must touch the person. I did this in one class, but I thought it wouldn't work because I wouldn't be able to touch the girl because I only saw her in the hallways on the way to my next class. But then the bell rang and it just so happend that I walked right past the girl I wanted to cast the spell on, and for no reason she put both her hands on me to get across the hall, but I wasn't even in her way. }

When I went over to the gathering, they told me about how they summoned Merlin last night, and he made the pentagram look like water. Right after that a girl came in who just got back from the store with the developed photos from last night. The photos did show a little ripple effect in the pentagram. I told them all that it was me they summoned last night, not Merlin. But they insisted that I must be the reincarnation of Merlin. There are many ways to interpret this, but several psychics have told me I was Merlin when I asked about my past life, which is beyond mere coincidence.

I am not a fan of Middle Age folk lore and the King Arthur and Camelot stories, and in fact, I actually have always hated the Middle Ages with swords and knights and Kings and Queens. I can hardly stand to even watch a movie about it. (But I did always love the clothing the females wore in those times, and their appreciation for Jasmine perfume, which brings back memories every time I smell it). The point is, I'm not putting this here to claim I'm Merlin and feel special about myself. I'm simply explaining this event because of it's significance in the recording of supernatural events that have taken place in my life.

Later that night we summoned elemental spirits and Arch Angels to answer our prayers. We each asked for a certain power. I asked to have the power to make people see what I see in my mind, so I could show them things in such great detail that would explain the most complicated things. After that we blew out all the candles and the moonlight was illuminating the white salt circle. I closed my eyes and everyone saw the room go completely black. When I opened them, everyone saw the room light back up again. I repeated this experiment for a few minutes, using my friends as guinea pigs. The difference between the light and dark was so extreme that I thought for sure someone would pass out. And right when that thought crossed my mind, one person fell straight backward on the floor. The rest of us continued to watch the room go from light to dark. If I blinked my eyes really fast, everyone saw the room blinking.

I never told them it as me who was doing it. I thought it might freak them out, and make them think I had total control over their minds. A priest would probably tell me it was the devil that gave me the power, but I don't believe that since it was angels we summoned (and their is no such thing as a devil but there is a God) angels we summoned (and their is no such thing as a devil, but there is a God).

Obviously my wish had been granted and I was indeed given the power I asked for, but maybe I already had it since the previous night I made them all see the pentagram ripple like water. For a long time I wondered if I could really be Merlin. I did a psychic reading and asked other psychic about my past lives without telling them anything about Merlin, and the answers seemed pretty conclusive. I then tried to leave my body and go back to the past. When I was free from my body, I willed myself into the past. I shot through darkness at intense speed, then everything stopped. A lady said "Hello" and it startled me like when someone jumps out from behind bushes and scares the crap out of you. This made me instantly jump back to my body.

I should also mention here that one of the people at that circle tried to commit suicide a few days before, which I only found out the day we met at the circle. He tried to hang himself with his belt, and during the time that was happening, I was having a day dream about it, and that same spirit was talking to me. She was telling me to do something to stop him, but I knew he wouldn't be able to kill himself in this way because his feet were touching the floor and supporting his body weight, and the belt was too wide and flat, so he could only die this way by suffocation, and I knew he wouldn't be able to wait long enough for that to happen. But why me? Why was I shown this? Why did the spirit think I could do something about it, and who is she? It drives me crazy.


Speaking of spirits and guides, I eventually learned how a spirit can be materialized.

I thought about how easy it was to leave the body when you realize your dreaming. I figured it must be because you are in the deepest state of mind you can be in; much deeper than hypnosis or meditation. I thought of the Lucid Dream state as the "Philosopher's Stone" like the Rosicrucians say. Only I never understood what they meant until this very night.

So I figured I'd try to materialize a spirit instead. Sure enough, that night I realized I was dreaming, and I tried to materialize my spirit guide. I simply said "I ask my Higher Mind to material my spirit guide". This is essentially asking for God. The dream turned to black, and I felt a huge amount of electric energy rush through my body and center in my brain. Then I felt a cobweb forming on my face. I wiped it off because I thought spiders had formed a web on my face, which made me angry that somehow I had a spider infestation in my house and they chose my face as the spot for a nice thick web. I figured the materialization was a failure, but then 3 months later I found a book that described materialization of spirits.

It said that when you materialize a spirit, a cobweb forms on your face just before the body is made.

Much later on in life I would come to realize the beauty in materialization, and the awesome power the brain posses over this Universe; able to so easily arrange trillions of atoms to form an object as complicated as a body. There have been many reported cases of nurses claiming a person would suddenly appear from nowhere and help the save the life of a patient, then disappear. And many people have also gone to visit haunted houses or hotels where they stay the night, and in the morning while having breakfast, a person will come and sit with them, and they appear so solid the person eating breakfast assumes they are having a conversation with a live person, only to find out later that the person was actually the ghost.

Once while waiting for another lucid dream so I could materialize a spirit, I read a book about DMT. I opened the book to a random page, and it was about a lady who had just taken a dose of DMT. She said "what if you had a dream you picked a rose, and when you woke up, it was there in your hand?" She had the same name as my spirit guide I was always trying to materialize! And when you lucid dream, your brain produces DMT. I also thought of the rose as the symbol for the stone of alchemy.

Another coincidence happened when I was watching TV. I accidentally pushed the wrong channel number and a Christian channel came up right when the priest was saying "This is it! Here in Revelations we are promised new bodies!" And he was talking about materializing bodies from thin air.

Other times, right when I tuned on the TV, there would be a movie and they would be yelling the same name as my spirit guide. Once I was thinking about it, and I said "I wish I could just get a second chance to try this", then I walked downstairs and past the TV, and it said "Wish Granted" for some car commercial.

I also came across a video about DMT by Terrance McKenna and he was talking about using the DMT experience to materialize objects.

But now I've said too much about materialization, and you surely think I'm crazy by now, which is exactly what I thought of the Rosicrucians when I read the book "A Rosicrucian Notebook" which will be elaborated on further...but think about this -if your mind can move an object, then what's so hard about moving atoms into position? After all, this is God that you contact to do this through you. It's not actually your ability, but it does require your brain, which is the most complex creation nature has ever produced in this vast Universe. So why is it so hard to believe it can change the Universe to make something 'materialize'?

The Rosicrucis Order

One night around 2am, I was awake listening to music. Suddenly I had a strong desire to go outside. So I went walking around the neighborhood. I looked up at the Full Moon and I watched as a vapor cloud rose from the backyard of a house not far away. It formed a perfect disk in front of the moon, causing an eclipse. It remained there for only a moment, and then it drifted off like a cloud. I walked back to my house, and just before I went inside, someone yelled "Nick, don't go!". I never knew what to think of the experience until 5 years later, when I read about how the White Stone can be used to call people out of their houses, so you can meet with them. When you mix the consecrated White Wine with rain water in a large bowl, vapor will rise up to the full moon. The secrets is revealed only in one book, and it's very rare. Physically, it's only at a London library and a University in Hungary, but luckily there is now an electronic version you can download by clicking here.

Being extremely interested in Astral Projection, I read every book I could find on the subject. And I came across a book titled "A ROSICRUCIAN NOTEBOOK" by Willy Schrodter (the entire book can be read for free at It had a small section about astral projection, but it contained much more information that was extremely interesting and imporatant. The book presents alchemy and the Rosicrucians in a very fascinating way, and as you read through it, you're amazed by how many marvels were kept secret in the Ancient and Middle Ages. History class made it seem like the people of the past had it so bad, and knew nothing of technology and wonderful things. But this book clearly shows that certain groups of people in the past possesed secret knowledge that is far better than our modern day gadgets. The Rosicrucian Order originated in Ancient Egypt and was formed by a Pharoah who wanted to pass on certain information. The book really makes you yearn to be part of this mysterious group of people called "The Rosicrucians" and live a magical life filled with amazing supernatural experiences and powers. I always thought that I would never discover the secrets briefly described in the book. But now, all these years later, I have the knowledge of almost every secret the book covers. Here is a list, chapter by chapter of what is in the book, and what I've discovered. If you have read the book, you will find great joy in the fact that I am now freely giving you the things the author of the book kept secret, and you will feel relief and satisfaction in the discovery of
these wonders that seemed unattainable for so long -

INTRODUCTION - an interesting note in the introduction of the book is this -> "The zip-fastener king, Dr. Othmar Winterhalter (born 1890) rejuvinated himself in 1950 with a radioactive tincture prepared from element 85 (Astanine). Since the Rosicrucians also relied exclusively on radio-active preperations for rejuvination, I shall pass over the other methods for restoring youth (Bogomoletz, Bardach, etc.). The Mainzer Anzeiger (No. 138 dated June 17th, 1936, p.16) published a report on "The eternal youth of Annja Czernowitsch," who lived at Uralsk on the banks of the Ural river. At the age of 50 she had the appearance of a girl of 18 and her body resisted decomposition. The presumptive cause was the radioactivity of the water. The Mittelrheinischer Anzeiger (Mainz-Bingen, No. 71 dated March 25th, 1941, p.5) reported the discovery of a vien of magnetite in central Sweden which should also contain radium. "Old people who exposed themselves to its radiations maintained that they felt rejuvinated." For rainwater as the Rosicrucian "Particular", see the Annulus Plantonis (Berlin and Leipzig, 1781, p.80, Note).

*Mercury metal can absorb radiation without becoming radioactive itself and that's how radioactive metals are used to charge mercury in alchemy.

Anyway, back to this book:

Another interesting part of the introduction is the mention of a device the Rosicrucians possesed that could destroy buildings like a bomb and water would only help to fuel the fire. Today, there are fires every now and then that the fire department can not put out because the water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. An alchemist named Dupre, from the Dauphine, demonstrated such a frightfully destructive asrtificial fire on the canal of Versailles and in the courtyard of the Arsenal in Paris, in the presence of King Louis XV and his military advisers, that it made the same impression from a moral point of view as the atomic bomb has made in our own day! When it was confirmed that a single person could burn up a whole city or fleet with this "devilish invention" and that water would lend fuel to the unnatural fire, the King paid enormous sums of money to the discoverer to buy his silence, as he did not wish to add to the sufferings of humanity. (See the correspondence of Ludwig XV (Louis XV) for 1770-1782, published by Grimm.)

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( to see a website by a modern day chemist who has alchemy knowledge, and believes that some alchemists who were trying to make the Philosopher's Stone actually produced a chemical that can create a small nulcear explosion. He explains everything in great detail, and provides the data of his experiments in trying to produce this 'mecury pyro-antimonate'.

And one more teasing little excerpt form the introduction of the book "When The existence of manned flying saucers has been finally admitted, consideration will be given to the fact that in the past centuries there were societies like the genuine Rosicrucians on Earth which regarded the entire solar system as the field of their practical activities."

And you might ask "why would the Rosicrucians know anything about space travel or flying machines?" Because they are psychic enough to get answers to any questions they have. They are able to tap the "universal mind" and know everything (or close to everything -- some technologies are forbidden for man to know at this time). But here is an experiment that I will have on this website sometime in the future: You can take black volcanic sand ( a type of magnetite) and make a white powder from it. Then you mix this white powder with clay in the amount of 10% powder. When properly fired, this clay disk will levitate when you touch it. When fired improperly, it has to be spun in order to levitate. And still more than that -- when you spin 2 of these disks facing each other, one clockwise and the other counterclockwise, it pauses time. You can swing a pendulum between the 2 disks and it will pause until you stop the disks, then it continues it's swing with all it's original momentum. This all happens because the white powder is monatomic rhodium and iridium, which if you've read anything about David Hudson, you understand that these forms of exotic matter have strange properties. And if you've seen Laurence Gardner's lecture video, or read his books, you know that science has now been looking into what they call "exotic matter" to use for an entirely new form of space travel which will eliminate the problem of speed. These "monatomic elements" are the answer.

1. THE LIFE LIGHT -- in the first chapter of the book, this is actually explained cleary and it's not kept a secret. You simply put the blood of a person who's health you want to monitor at a distance in an oil lamp with the fuel. No matter where the person is, the flame of the lamp will indicate their health. If the flame is week, then they are sick. And when they experience great joy, the flame will be tall and strong. And the moment the person dies, the flame will extinguish itself.

-- here are the important extracts from this chapter - The first person scratches his left arm with the point of a knife until he draws blood and wipes away the blood with a sponge. The second person makes a similar cut in his ring-finger and lets a drop of blood fall from it into the wound of the first person. Both cuts are then bound up until the wounds are completely healed. After this, the second person cuts his arm and the first cuts himself in the finger and after a drop of blood has been allowed to fall from the finger cut into the arm cut, the two wounds are bandaged as before until they are fully healed. Now when one of these individuals, however far away he may be from the other, sticks a needle into the scar of the healed wound, the other feels the same prick at the same time. A prearranged code is agreed as to the meaning of the first, second, and third prick, etc., and in this way either of them is able to communicate his state of health and other circumstances to the other whenever he wishes. Blood telegraphy is very similar to skin telegraphy. A passage occurs in the writings of Johann Baptista von Helmont (1577-1644) which describes a sort of Skin Telegraphy, where, if I remember rightly, it is called a "magical alphabet." We are told that two individuals who are fond of one another write down the letters of the alphabet on their skin with indelible ink and then undertake a skin transplant. Even if they have to separate, they can conduct a mutual conversation. What is needed is for one of them to touch a letter with his finger on the grafted skin, whereupon the other person will feel an itching sensation in the corresponding place. In this way it is possible to converse with mutually spelled out words.

And the only thing I can add to the above is this -- When an astronaut is sent to space, some of his cells are kept here on earth in a petri dish and monitored by sensitive electronic equipment. In this way, the astonaut's health and distress can be monitored instantly. It takes a while for radio transmitions to travel from the space to earth, but the cells comunicate instantly, regardless of the distance from the body.

The wise man will use the above information to "cheat" in cards games with a friend by communicating information via code transmitted by the skin.

3. THE PERPETUAL LAMP -- the recipe for this can be found on the "Luminous substances" section of my website

4. TELEPATHY AND MAGNETIC DIALS -- here is a very interesting device described in this chapter - Have two boxes made of fine steel (plate); similar to the usual receptacles for mariner's compass - and let them be of the same weight, the same size and the same appearance and have a fairly large border which can be decorated all the way round with the letters of the alphabet. Both will have a pivot set in their inner base plates on which a hand can be placed, as in an ordinary clock face. It is important to insure that the receptacles are clean and polished. Then a piece of loadstone is selected from several fine and good specimens; a piece with white veining on the south-seeking pole. This longest and straightest piece is cut into two sections as accurately as possible, so as to make two indicator needles for your two boxes; both pointers must be of the same weight and thickness and must be evenly balanced on their pivots on a hole bored in their sides. When everything has been prepared, give one of the boxes to the friend with whom you wish to correspond and appoint a given hour in the day or week. Of course, one must be in one's chamber or quarter, a half, or whole hour before the set time, must place the pointer on its pivot and keep it under observation during the whole period. A cross or some other mark must stand at the beginning of the alphabet so that the partner can see, when the needle points to it, that you want to begin transmitting a message. For the pointer must move of its own accord after your distant friend has set it at the beginning mark. Now turn one of the pointers to a letter and, at the same instant, the other pointer will automatically make an identical movement to the same letter owing to the link between them. The reply is transmitted in the same way and, at the close of
transmission, the pointer is turned back to the beginning mark. After use, the pointer is removed from the box and each are separately wrapped in cotton wool and put away in a wooden case, special care being taken to keep them free from rust. In tests performed by professor Allex as reported by C.P. van Rossem in 1933, he placed female snails on the white squares of a chessboard, and did the same thing with male snails in another room. He then pushed all the females on to the black squares and the males in the other room followed the movement of the females, slowly but surely. Whether the females were moved over two, three or four squares, the males promptly crawled to the squares indicated to them by the females. Tests run between Paris and Marseilles over 497 miles have given the same results!

5. ROSICRUCIAN OPTICS -- At that time, by means of two solor microscopes or reflectors, which were a wonderful new discovery of mine, I disintegrated and so projected invisible beams of light into the sky. Where they met, they became visible and formed the bright disk" -the optician, Cervenka, in Dr. Lederer, a novel by Gustav Meyrink (1868-1932)

So now you have a good clue as to how one can perform an amazing UFO hox with the simplest of tools.
The other useful information in this chapter --

-The Philosopher's Stone can me made without the use of fire, but instead the heat of the sun if it is reflected by concave mirrors onto a metalic sphere or pot.

-If you wear a coat with metallic buttons, you can stick your head inside and make it totally dark, and when the sun light comes through the little button whole, an upside image of everyting in front of you will be displayed on your chest. I noticed this when I was very young, and it was a cold winter day. The important thing is that the hole be made of metal to properly focus the light. This type of image allows both the foreground and background to be in focus. A modern invertor just recently made a camera that could accomplish the same focusing, and he has made millions!! He said he will never reveal the secret to anyone, and his camera is constructed in such a way that if you try to dismantle it to see how it works, you will brake it.

-When Francis I (1515-1547) was at war with Charles V (1519-1556), a magician kept the Parisians informed of what was happening in Milan, by writing the news from this town on a convex mirror and exposing it to the Moon in such a way that the Parisians could read in the starry sky what the distant mirror had written on it. He ends by saying "Alas! This beautiful secret has been lost---like so many more!" It would probably take quite a large mirror to achieve this feat. And it would probably need to be perfectly convex, which is not an easy thing to do.

-- this chapter is mostly about the philosophy of mind,spirit, and soul.

"This doctor of medicine took toenail parings and hairs from the legs of the gouty individual and put them in a hole which had been drilled as far as the pith in the trunk of an oak and, after plugging the hole with a piece of the same wood, he covered the place all over with cow-dung. If the disease did not recur within the space of a quarter of a year, he judged that the oak possessed enough power to draw all the evil into itself.

"The famous Rosicrucian, Dr. Robert Fludd, taught that the secret of the transplantation of disease lay in a fine agent which he termed mumia. It was this mumia, for example, which enabled a dog to recognize its master. Fludd recommended different plants for the different diseases for transplantation purposes."

According to a contemporary commentator, care must be taken to enrich this mumia with sweat, blood, hairs, or particles of skin detached by scratching. This improvement of the mumia is unnecessary however in the case of gout. All that is required as a vehicle for the transference is the nail parings and hairs from the legs of the sufferer, as already mentioned.

Rochas cites another authority for the action of the sympathetic method of healing, an authority whose scientific credentials are impeccable. He is Mr. von der Naillen, the founder and former director of the famous engineering school in San Francisco. He was laying a railway track in California and one of the workers gave himself a deep wound in the leg while chopping down a tree. The injury was quickly bound up to stanch the bleeding. One of those present advised that the first piece of cloth that had been soaked with the blood should be taken instantly to a neighboring doctor who was named the Sympathy Doctor and performed wonderful cures from a distance. It was done as he suggested and, after the doctor had been given the blood-stained cloth, he took a big earth-borer, made a hole in a vigorous oak tree, put the cloth in the bottom of this and closed up the hole with a piece of gristle, which he hammered in with heavy blows. Observers were astonished to find that the wound started to heal rapidly from that moment in a completely abnormal fashion! (pp. xiv—xv). It should be noted that a powerful oak was chosen. Weak trees and other types of tree are not used in this illness.

Trans. note: Thus we read in Medicina Diastatica—A Mumiall Treatise abstracted from Paracelsus by Andrea Tentzelius and translated by Ferdinando Parkhurst, London, 1653: "And it must also as carefully be observed, that the fruit or tree into which the disease is transplanted, do not grow up too suddenly and rankly, (which often happens) for such superfluous vegetation is dangerous, and hurtful for the member: This may appear by the example of Hair, which is often transplanted into a Willow, that it may grow the faster, nor is it without success; but when they are left in it beyond the proper time, being not cut down nor burned, that over rank and moist vegetation oftentimes proveth hurtfull to the brain and eyes, especially to the latter; which is also dangerous to any afflicted or troubled with Phthisick and Feavers (while they happily think themselves secure;)

8. ISOPATHY OR HOMEOPATHIC HEALING -- This chapter explains some interesting cures made in the Middle Ages by people who were ahead of their time. There is no need to go over it all here. Yet one excerpt from this chapter is very interesting because is relates to m-state metals -- Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755—1843), who rediscovered the procedure of attenuation, introduced the methods of trituration with milk sugar and shaking up with spirits of wine, whereas the isopaths and homoeopaths of earlier centuries had prepared their potencies (i.e., the attenuated substances) by burning the original materials to ashes. But burning them to ashes destroyed the specific animal or vegetable materials which were thought to be curative, since these are completely combustible substances, and all that was left was the "universal matter" as they called it, that is to say, the universally found earthy and incombustible substance! [Possibly m-state metals with that person's specific energy] Here is an everyday proof of the effectiveness of isopathy. For a hangover one drinks a small drop of exactly the same alcoholic liquor to which one is indebted for it; this is called "taking a hair of the dog that bit you." If, in addition to the immediately apparent relief of pain, there is vomiting, bowel action, the passing of wind, or heavy perspiration, then the ison is behaving as a regular antidote! Dr. Puller Stocker reported in the Medical Press in 1951 that the injection of alcohol has an immediate sobering effect on people who are very drunk!

9. MAGNETIC HEALING -- Healing magnetism has been secret knowledge from time immemorial. It was a priestly perorogative in ancient Egypt and was taught in lodges of the Essenes, who were the forerunners of the Rosicrucians. This chapter covers the use of magnetism for healing purposes and it needs to be read in full to understand what is being discussed. However, there is a cetain part about alchemy that should be noted here -

Here is a resume of this physiological (or somatic) alchemy:

1) The index finger and thumb of the right hand form the vowels, /, A, O, (line, angle, circle; together comprising a wheel, in Latin Rota, the very ancient name of God: JAO. These three signs also denote the phallus, the vagina and the uterus. Cf. the mudras (a series of subtle and meaningful hand gestures) employed by the Balinese Pedanda = priests!

2) Voluntary control over the normally involuntary blood flow is obtained by concreting the thoughts on the finger positions and simple syllables. Cf. the "psychological exercises" of the "New Thought"

3) An objectively measurable rise in temperature is developed in the finger which is being contemplated. Cf., "Tumo" heat creation of the Tibetan lamas.

4) This attracts a quantity of Od which is over and above the individual's own requirement, at the same time, and

5) it is systematically incorporated in the body—with the exception of the head—by means of manipulations performed in a downward direction.

6) In this way the invisible body (the "salt body") is fortified, loosened and finally made independent. ("The ho-munculus in the Philosophical Egg," i.e., the human body.)

7) During this physiological Magnum Opus the performer smells sulphur on the finger "magnets" contemplated and tastes the salt and mercury on them;

8) He also perceives (mentally) the recognized alchemical color scale of black—white—peacock's tail—green—yellow—vermilion.

It should also be added here that recently a man by the name of Alex Chiu has invented a system of preserving youth and long life by using magnets to magnetize the blood and cause it to flow faster. His website is

10. MAGNETIZED WATER -- there is not much in this chapter. One imporant method that is not mentioned in this book is magnetizing water by placing a glass in a container of magnetite. Click here to see intructions about this simple technique.

11. DIGITATION -- This is a rather strange chapter, and not of much use

12. RETURNING TO LIFE -- This chapter talks about 2 stories where a person was brought back to life by simply hugging them. Apparently there is enough animal magentism in the person hugging the dead body to bring it back to life. There is also some information about sick people sleeping naked with healthy people in order to regain health. And if an old person sleeps with a child (not naked of course), the child will become week because the old person is draining their energy.

13. WHAT MESMER BORROWED FROM THE ROSICRUCIANS -- this chapter is about how Mesmer learned magnetic healing form the Rosicrucians

-- This chapter talks about various positions and grips of the hand on certain places on the body to cause healing or death.

ISAIAH 47:12
Stand now with thine enchanments,
and with the multitude of thy sorceries,
wherein thou hast labored from thy
youth; if so be thou shalt be able to
profit, if so be thou mayest prevail.

"Because the very elixir that pours a more glorious life into the frame, so sharpens the senses that those larvae of the air become to thee audible and apparent"
Edward Bulwer (Lord Lytton) a high grade initiate of the Hermetic Lodge at Alexandria
"...and I behold the glory of our future life with my eyes and rejoice over it."
The Cosmopolite, Alexander Setonious Scotus

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