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This website is for those people who are already "in the know" with regard to alchemy and it's Great Work. If you are unfamiliar with alchemy, read these articles.

  This website is for sharing the knowledge of alchemy processes with those who have been searching hard and diligently through the alchemy maze, and have yet to reach any reward. My heart sympathizes with their tortuous journey, and so I have provided this treasure for them to discover amongst all the nonsense that clutters the shelves in an Alchemy Library. For as long as the lot of the Philosophers remains a small one, it is far from a happy place. There aren't enough people succeeding because there is no one to lend a helping hand. But my hand extends to you now, and the gifts I offer will grant you more than you dared ever hope for.

There are over 100 photos on this website (not inlcuding the artwork section). And hundreds more will be added. Some internet browsers load pages faster by displaying the images in lower quality. If these photos don't appear sharp and crisp, then your browser settings may need to be changed.



All images and music on this website are copyright Nicholas D. Collette. Do not use without express permission from the author.

"Because the very elixir that pours a more glorious life into the frame, so sharpens the senses that those larvae of the air become to thee audible and apparent"
Edward Bulwer (Lord Lytton) a high grade initiate of the Hermetic Lodge at Alexandria
"...and I behold the glory of our future life with my eyes and rejoice over it."
The Cosmopolite, Alexander Setonious Scotus
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